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Review: Half a Huntress [very short, werewolf]

Half a Huntress: a werewolf shifter romance story by Emma Daze
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Just. Don't. Do. It.

It's a trap!

It's about maybe 10 pages long. Limited backstory of protagonists. Single incident. And we're then told "Buy more books to find out what happens"

Talk about cliff-hanger. If I'd had a bit more time to care about anyone, it might be a consideration, but the cliches are thick and there's no compelling reason to continue.

Unless you are so totally hungry for human-were love stories that you'll put up with this in order to read one. Which might happen over the next handful of books.

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Review: The Gratitude Revolution [inspiration, selfhelp]

The Gratitude Revolution: How To Love Your Life and Be Inspired By The World Around You by Laura Moreno
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This took a while longer to read than expected. If you spend the time on each of the sections of this book, you'll probably spend a lot of it. It's pretty comprehensive to see all the various forms and means and ways to express and feel gratitude.

Start off by saying Thank You for everything that comes as a blessing in your life, even those disguised as challenges. You'll be glad you did.

Several of the exercises or tasks outlined could take weeks to achieve if you give it your full attention. Some of them could become lifelong habits. Give it a shot.

Minor editing issues but nothing you can't read through, some maybe not even noticed.

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Review: Devil in the Countryside [historical fiction]

Devil in the Countryside by Cory Barclay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rare for me to give a 5. I also don't normally like Historical Fiction quite so much. This was a very engaging book. Difficult to set down for very long. But alas, I do have a job ...

This chunk of history is a sad period in our European heritage, and it seems fairly presented not to take sides. There are no real obvious exclusively good or bad characters or groups. It is a war, after all, and the victor, should there be one, will rewrite history to suit their marketing position. (in this case while battles were won and lost, ultimately it resulted in an uneasy truce as it played out over the centuries)

The wrap-up could have been skipped. Writing excellently edited. There is a very interesting tidbit of activity in the wrap-up that subtly hints at a different interpretation of events in the book. Very interesting indeed.

The author clearly states there is a probable sequel, and I might have to keep my eyes open for it…

Review: The Better Smoothies Book [smoothies recipes]

THE BETTER SMOOTHIES BOOK : For Health and Weight Loss and Diet: Healthly Blender Smoothie Mixes For Good Healthy Shakes. Be a Health Drink Smoothie Pro! by Sally Primrose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars for a recipe book? Sure enough. It's concise, clear, easy to understand and the choices of smoothie are pretty yummy looking. I've been making my own smoothies for quite some time, and I loved especially the ones with a shot of protein powder. Those are my favorites for sure. I won't review the tastes of the smoothies, since that's all personal preference, but I think the author did a great job here in presenting them.

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Review: Dark Beginnings Lance Brody Book 0 [paranormal]

Dark Beginnings by Michael Robertson Jr.
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was okay enough. I finished it without much struggle or forcing myself to. There were some oddball word combinations, like thinking faster than typing kind of issues. There was a slightly annoying level of explicit foreshadowing as "what he was about to see in the next three paragraphs would change his life forever" and such. To me that's a break in the narrative that boots the reader out of the story.

About the story. I think it's meant to lead you gently into the actual series of books, being a Level 0 novella. I glanced at the hint of the next book and won't be getting it. There's no compelling reason for Lance to go on his mission. It's kind of handed to him without his active participation.

That being said, if you want a non-scary "ghost story" to kill an hour or two, it's pretty okay.

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Review: Patenting Peter [dystopian]

Patenting Peter by Jason Werbeloff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked it way too much for what it was. The ending was catchy enough to pull it all together in spite of numerous shortcomings. If this is a hint of "Defragmenting Daniel" I might push that up a few notches in the reading queue. Not keen on the world in this dystopia, nor the people in it, but if it all implodes into chaos and despair, all is not lost.

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Review: Survival Aptitude Test - Sound [dystopian]

Survival Aptitude Test: Sound by Mike Sheriff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you read it as a standalone and assume that the ending is just the way it is, without reading the teaser for Book 2 (available now via email for most people who can install the app) you'll be a happy camper, like I was.

Our poor hero takes a beating and keeps on ticking, and I was mildly disappointed he didn't get the big payoff after all that, which of course would have really made this a standalone, right? Since there is an obvious Book 2 that shouldn't count as a spoiler. It would be illogical for a Book 2 had there been any other result.

Since it was "FREE" and I am technologically skilled enough to get it without the app, I have Book 2, but haven't started it yet. Not sure if I prefer just riding along with the ending of Book 1 or not yet.

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