Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Sweet Infected Free Promo January 27 Only

My Sweet Infected, zombies and survivalists in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Going to let it go free on Amazon Kindle, one day only January 27th. Visit this link and be sure to get your copy while it's free. Be sure to share with all your paranormal romance, horror romance and zombie loving friends. Leave a review, any review and help me set a new personal best for edition release downloads.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Sweet Infected - Dystopian Zombie Romance Novel

Rare reading by the author, a short selection from chapter eight. Celebrate with me. Releasing my 3rd Edition today. 5-stars on Amazon, zombies, dystopian, romance, adventure, crazed survivalists, civilization on the brink of extinction.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Carstensz – Captain Bart Quote

Carstensz: Stone Age and Iron Age on AMAZON

Captain Bart, a formerly retired mercenary explains the jungle to us in Carstensz, part two], Iron Age.

“There are germs here. Viruses here. Bacteria here. You’ve never seen anything like it. It’s probably from another planet. And you’ll get sick. Sicker than you can imagine. You see that guy in that bed there? Yeah. It’s on the internet you know. Didn’t you do your research? Are you stupid? You gotta Google this stuff. Don’t come here.”

Planning Your Home Cardio Theater

The first ebook I ever published – Planning Your Home Cardio Theater – is no longer available. It was my first 5-star review on Amazon. It was my first experience formatting for Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. It was my first experience in publishing. I first published it on Amazon, then on B&N. I retired it on Amazon last Fall, and just now retired it on B&N.
Planning Your Home Cardio Theater
Planning Your Home Cardio Theater
I’m really glad I had a chance to sell it for these past few years, but now it’s time to put it behind me and move on to the future works I have in store for you all.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gateway to Fourline (The Fourline Trilogy Book 1) - Book Review

4.0 out of 5 stars Super fun alternate universe fantasyDecember 14, 2015
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This review is from: Gateway to Fourline (The Fourline Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I will be getting the next book. It was a fun read, and I enjoyed the alternate universe/dimension/whatever. I especially liked that no attempt was made to explain it at all. It just is.

The female protagonist didn't become a hero overnight with super amazing battle skills. Unless you suddenly become a vampire or shifter and with it the attendant superpowers that's not believable.

Mostly she just runs. Runs away. Sneaks around. Puts herself in harm's way. The duozi will probably take a higher priority in the next book though.

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First of all, Book Two comes out in a few weeks. Second of all, I want Book Two. Thirdly, I will most likely pay full price for Book Two if it's not on Prime.

Our human female was gently courted by the group from the alternate universe, and trained as little as possible for a mission back to the other universe. Her main goal? To run and deliver a message. Despite her lack of belief, and the secrets they try to hide from her, she does okay, leading to another mission, this one much more risky and requiring some serious spy action. Let's just say I loved it. A lot. A hint of forbidden romance, possible triangle, and some possible mutation action coming up in Book Two. See if you can read this one before #2 comes out, okay?

TWO HEADS TWO SPIKES (The Pearl of Wisdom Saga Book 1) - Book Review

3.0 out of 5 stars A dozen or so unmemorable characters with a disjointed intro but it's the genreDecember 22, 2015
This review is from: TWO HEADS TWO SPIKES (The Pearl of Wisdom Saga Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I'm not a fan of Game of Thrones, have never seen an episode, but that being said it was the first thing I thought of while reading this. I much prefer first person narratives, and trying to follow a dozen or so non-protagonists around was difficult for me. The beginning particularly was difficult, since it seemed in and out of the present tense. When someone is swinging a sword and paused in mid-swing to contemplate a seemingly irrelevant impression from a past experience that might not even have happened it slows down the flow of the book considerably.

Once you get in about a hundred pages the pace picks up a bit and the characters have been introduced to it's a much easier read. I can't say that any of the characters stood out as "I hope they manage to survive" so we'll see if that's intentional and they all die a miserable death, like the disposable despicable characters in a Jason movie.

There is a bit of semi-descriptive sex in the book, and what was there seemed really negative. Just a warning to the more sensitive among readers. If you're looking for hot positive sex, it's not here. I have book 2 in my queue and will be getting to that in the next few weeks.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy for reviewing.

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Ok, so I have a few author friends on Goodreads and one day I'm asked if I want to review a couple of books. It's not my favorite genre, but okay, I'm stuck commuting by train for an hour a day with nothing better to do, and I'm running out of books. In the book, I kept thinking "Game of Thrones" and I've never even seen or read one. Okay, so a lot of other reviewers agree.

It's a bit disjointed, especially at first, and the action takes a lot of breaks while the protagonist-of-the-second has some flashback sequence. The sex makes you think that someone really dislikes sex. I so much prefer first-person past-tense. Alas, not to be. But if you are a Thrones fan, and love a lot of stuff going on all at once, and thrive on the whole "who will survive" thing, this is pretty good after it gets past the rocky start. I've got Book 2 in the queue, so I'll let you know how it goes. I will read it. Can't beat the price either.

Under A Twisted Moon - Book Review

2.0 out of 5 stars Out of the frying pan into the fire and nothing happensDecember 24, 2015
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This review is from: Under A Twisted Moon (Kindle Edition)
Argh. I hate to review a book I could not finish, but here goes. I hope it's helpful for those of you who are on the edge after reading other reviews. The abuse that the protagonist lives under is horrible. I couldn't tolerate the descriptions. Then after she becomes a thing of the night, you think it would change? No. She gets into another abusive relationship under a cult leader. That may be an unpopular descxription, but if you think of it objectively, it's what happened. I just couldn't finish this book when it dragged on and on and nothing got any better and there was no ray of sunshine. I haven't read any of the author's other books, so I can't review other than this book. Sorry.

Why not 1 star? Aside from the narrow character mindset, and the never ending torment and guilt, the book was formatted better than other books I've given 1 star to.

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Oh, gosh. No way. Her husband abuses her mentally, physically, sexually, and she ends up discovering she's a were-creature, joins a pack led by a cult leader who re-brainwashes her, and jumps her bones like he owns her. And then she ends up being abused again by her hubster. What can only be worse about this? Hubby belongs to an elite squad of paramilitary were-hunters and has some odd religious ideas about jumping said spousal bones. I don't know. Maybe I got it all wrong. Is it worth the risk? Do you actually enjoy all of the above? I didn't.