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The 100 Calorie Diet Plan

Just released on Kindle, Nook and in Print, here's my latest book in the Health and Fitness genre.

The 100 Calorie Diet Plan
It presents a simple method to lose fat fast using simple math based on medically sound and accepted principles.

What this means for you is one of the safest and most effective fat loss plans available today. This 62 page book is filled with the math you need to calculate your own needs, customized to your own body and activity level and explains how to develop your own nutritional goals for a series of short cycles as you work your way almost painlessly toward your success in getting the body composition of your dreams.

This book briefly touches on how to properly utilize goals and affirmations to support your rapid progression to a new you. Break down your daily food intake into small simple easy to measure, easy to use, easy to prepare, easy to combine small portions and eat at your own pace.

Skip the fads and mythology about eating. No more balancing mac…