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Trivia from My Sweet Infected - Did you know?

Video Below:
How about that? Colorado/Utah. Did you expect it?  On another note, I've been thinking about doing a prequel next. Maybe to appeal to some of the blasting-away-at-zombies-with-unlimited-ammo people that I dearly love. In fact I started My Sweet Infected out in that vein and Emma kind of took over and had me channeling her wishes for the book.

How about it? Focus on Porter's history in Book #0 in the My Infected Series? How do you feel?

BTW: If you haven't already read it, go get it now:

Post by Charles Miske.
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Secret Book Sale

... and so much for the secret.

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Five Star Review for Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak BaggingI felt the conviction of the author that he believes in every one of us and our ability to train for hiking, mountaineering, and peak bagging (to borrow from the title!). The book is loaded with good pictures that helped me to see what he meant by certain exercises and equipment, and it also has helpful charts that we can use to track our progress and set goals. He's used the knowledge he's gained over many years of training and climbing and mountaineering to put together a great and do-able plan to help us enjoy the same adventures he's been sharing with…

On Your Own Ladies

Sorry Ladies. I talked to your man. He said you're on your own for Valentines

Sadly this is totally true. Not even a little bit in jest.

Just before Christmas there was a really good sale for Origami Owl, the best customized locket system you can get. It was an amazing deal, actually a bit better than a BOGO offer. I messaged 40 of my own personal friends on Facebook who I knew had wives, daughters, and moms, and suggested that they take advantage of the great offer, thinking that I was doing them a favor. I know my wife loves last minute bling gifts. That's saved the day a number of times in my past.

What did I get in return?

Every single reply was something like this:

"My wife doesn't even like or wear jewelry, so don't bother me."

Unfortunately, I have met many of their wives, and know that to be untrue. Be that as it may, women, it's up to you. This level of denial and disdain has given you the freedom to do as you wish. Get yourself one of the most bea…

Recommended by Amazon - Training for Hiking

Here's a screenshot from with a suggestion for me from

There I am, right next to Scott and Steve's awesome book. I have to admit I have not read it, since I didn't want it to influence my upcoming few training books, but I did attend a workshop with Steve last January (2014) at the Ouray Ice Fest, and was at the book release at the Patagonia booth at the OR Show in Salt Lake City.

While I agree wholeheartedly with his long phase cycles and training methodology for elite athletes with a major goal to achieve, I feel that a total beginner, right off the couch, needs a bit of hand-holding to get through the process. In part, that's why there are so many charts for so many different types of training methods in my book.

Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging BUY HERE

You Look Delicious - I'm Going to Eat You

My Sweet Infected - Sample Chapter 21

“I guess we go on to the village.” Confidence did not go with my answer.
“And if it’s a trap?” He raised that eyebrow of his.
“I get to eat?” It was supposed to be a joke. It fell flat.
“Are you hungry?” Linda was still rocking, didn’t look up.
“A bit, yeah.”
“Do you need me? Just a little bit?” Her eyes drifted up from under her hair, met mine. She looked so tempting and tasty just then. Like the last time. It was a risk for me to look at her so open and accepting like that.
“I’ll wait till I’m desperate.” It was definitely a struggle to maintain composure. To maintain stillness. My heart was racing at the offer. Her blood smelled good to me, even from here. So sweet.
“If you’re desperate, you might not be able to control it.” She licked her lip with just the tip of her tongue. It called to me suddenly. Feverishly. Anime themes were a strong influence in the writing of this dystopian young adult romantic triangle with zombies and a few wild twist…

New Years Fitness Goals?

I know what it's like to have an outrageous dream. A wish. A desire so strong it evolves into a goal. And that goal evolves into a rock solid determination to succeed.


The problem is that way too much of the time, the world seems to stomp on your dreams before they become that big or you get a chance to earn that mindset and determination with diligent hard work.

So what to do? Time management my friends. Time management is the answer. If you can slip in between the cracks of time for all of your fitness training, you can cheat the system and steal those precious moments that you must have in order to make the grade.

What are your goals?
Weight loss?Muscle mass?Go faster?Go further?Go higher?
Yeah, you can do it, if you can get that time management skill down to a science and learn how to apply it in your everyday life.

Do you know how? I do. I trained 4 to 6 hours a day as I worked myself into shape for Elbrus Race 2010. I went from 205 to 175 pounds in thr…