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My Sweet Infected Influences

I had quite a few influences over the roughly two years I spent on My Sweet Infected

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I watched a lot of anime in that time. I attribute the increased number of streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll etc. to my ability to just watch whatever whenever. My favorite time of all is on the treadmill. I just unplug my brain from the world, plug it into my computer monitor, my Kindle, or Roku and watch away for the hour I'm on it. At 2-1/2 episodes per cardio session a season goes by fast.

I loved some of the various vampires, demons, undead, aliens and other mythological character types. As well, I loved some of the relationships you find in anime. I'll let you research that some if you're interested at all. GLOSSARY

Porter took my backpack off and set it down at the corner while I straightened my hair and clothes, pulling my shirt tail out over my hip holster. A girl had to look good, right? Not…

How to Write a Book Guaranteed 10 Week Program

I've recently begun taking clients for my new program designed to show you the secrets I use to self-publish my books. In the past 8 weeks I've published 3 books. I have it down to a science now. I have a system. I have a program.

My program can get you on the fast track to success for your own self-publishing goals.

In 10 weeks of intense, hands-on mentoring I work with you as much as you need to get your idea into a 20,000 to 40,000 word finished book on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and Createspace Paperback. It's guaranteed or I'll start all over again with your individualized program up to three total cycles through the program.

I want you to succeed with my program. Right now I'm offering it at half off, which is a heck of a deal. Until November 10th it's only $247 for all of this.

10 weeks of hands-on trainingWeekly Strategy SessionsWeekly Accountability SessionsDaily Goals and Target ActivitiesMonthly  Checkup Sessions
Send me as many emails as you need, an…

Radio Interview KSKE

Yesterday I went out to Avon to visit with Jeffrey Cash, with KSKE HERE for an interview. I'm going to be doing a book signing at the 6th Annual Winter Market and Holiday Fair at the Eagle River Center in Eagle CO on November 14 and 15. DETAILS

I had a lot of fun with Jeffrey. I shared some of my best stories with him including being held by mercenaries and local officials in Indonesia, slipping past barricades in Russia, and my plans for Everest.

I shared my video from the summit of Quandary on the 27th. HERE

I shared my Seven Summits Quest Facebook Page HERE

I shared my Charles Miske Author Site HERE

It was a great experience all around and I can hardly wait for the show so I can sell some books, sign some books, and tell some great stories. If you're going to be in Eagle that weekend, please stop by and let's chat.

If you want to get some fantastic jewelry that you can customize to tell the story of your loved one my wife and I will be bringing that. If you can't ma…

Goth and Fae Competition

My newest release "My Sweet Infected" CLICK HERE has appeared on at least one Goodreads list, so I decided to go scope out the competition. The ones that have profile pics generally show them in various capes, magician costumes, renaissance fair attire, and other types of genre clothing.

I have to admit to the same thing, since I show pics of myself running, climbing mountains, or working out. I can't imagine using a Halloween costume as a profile pic though. Or back of book pic. Or any other pic supposed to represent myself. I do actually wear running clothes. I don't actually wear Halloween costumes. Well, maybe once a year. Though if I ever do a Steampunk book, I do have to switch to the genre costume since it will inevitably result in much greater profits. I can't imagine any other reason to post a pic like that. Can you?

New Years Resolution Perfection

Every year when I do a local 14er I run into so many hikers struggling to slowly make the summit. They probably promised to get in shape for the hike, but blew it off since there they had no idea how to train properly. There weren't any good books with a specific training plan designed for hiking on steep rugged terrain.

Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging
This book is the one that will get you there in the best condition possible. I spent two years developing this plan so that you could make it work. Here's an email I received from one of my readers.  Your book is amazing, and one of the things that I got out of it is that you BELIEVE in your readers and their ability to do this.  It makes me want to get more involved in getting myself in better shape and get out and have more adventures.  I could almost feel the JOY of being up on a trail doing a 14er!  Your writing sty…

Free Review Copies

In the last few years of being a published author, I've given away hundreds of books out of my extremely limited marketing budget. Out of those hundreds of free review copies...

I've gotten exactly zero reviews.
It's normal for an author who is trying to break into the big leagues to pay for reviews. Those few authors that all the articles are about did it. The ones that used big publishing company rules to self-publish, with marketing budgets in the tens of thousands. I don't want to go there if I don't have to.

It's also normal to give away free copies with the explicit agreement up front.

I give you free book - you give me free honest review
And since all my other reviews, from people who purchased the book, are generally 5-Star reviews, I can't assume that the book sucked so bad that the "free review copy" reviewer was embarrassed to post a review.

So please don't ask for a free copy with the hanging promise that you'll give me a revie…

Sweet Infected Reviews

Any minute now I expect the reviews to start coming in for My Sweet Infected.

It already has a 5-star on Goodreads and with all the traffic it has gotten on Amazon I expect that there should be reviews pretty soon.

If you've read it and could leave an honest review, I'd appreciate it. I ask only for an honest open minded review of my book.

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My Sweet Infected Milestones #2

"My Sweet Infected" has been a wonderful experience for me.

In the last 24 hours I've tied my 24 hour record number of Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited downloads.

I've achieved #87 in my category Teen and Young Adult Romance Dystopian.

But to me, the achievement of a long-standing dream, I'm only 3 places away from Carrie Ryan's amazing book "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" which was one of my influences in writing this.

If you're a fan of this genre, you'll know right away what an awesome accomplishment that is. Seriously. I'm just bowled over with emotions.

Post by Charles Miske.

No Nook No Nook - Here's Why

When I first published my Carstensz book HERE, I had several hundred people complain that there was no Nook copy available, so right after it was up on Amazon, I spent the two weeks getting it published and approved and up on Nook. That was two weeks of fairly intense work.

Of those hundreds of people who asked for a Nook copy, about one hundred said "Thank you very much, just got one!" and two actually paid for it. After two weeks of hard work at a labor cost of approximately $500 I earned $3.60.

After about 6 months and no further sales, I pulled it off of Nook, and then switched to Amazon Prime, which carries an exclusivity contract requiring that you do not have your book listed on any other digital sales website or app, including your own website as a PDF. Within a week I made way more than that $3.60 that cost me $500 in labor and who knows how many sales via Amazon Prime.
Since then I've been very cautious of listing my books anywhere except on Amazon, and about r…

My Sweet Infected Milestones #1

My Sweet Infected: Dystopian Fiction with a twist of unconventional zombies, romantic triangles, and anti-hero set in a society on the brink of collapse.

So far, in less than 24 hours, I've gotten sales in all media, with Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Paperback all on Amazon. It's the fastest book so far that has reached all three in this amount of time.

He had me alright. Holed up in that closet sobbing quietly in fear I heard only the silence, then someone moving around quietly opening doors and drawers. It didn't sound like mom or dad, and even so, I would have stayed in that closet out of fear. Suddenly the door swung outward and I stumbled out into the light. The memory of it was a tornado of flying shadows and grabbing claws, and then I looked past my fear and Porter stood there as surprised as I was. He set down his bag and a bloody machete and coaxed me gently into his arms. - My Sweet Infected, Chapter 4
It's an exciting ride all right, since this is my first …

My Sweet Infected Now Available

Paperback on Createspace: BUY NOWPaperback on Amazon: BUY NOWKindle on Amazon: BUY NOW Available on Amazon Prime (Kindle Owners Lending Library – “Borrow Now” from your Kindle or you’ll be charged). Available on Kindle Unlimited.
From the back cover: While looting the remains of a society decimated by a viral weapon Porter stumbles across abandoned six year old Emma and takes her to raise as his protégé, mentoring her in the skills of combat and survival.
Eleven years later they make a daring escape from the corrupt village chief who set Porter up for execution to take Emma as his own. They slip out of the confines of the steel walls around the village with three others who wish to make a new future outside those constricting walls.
The world outside the village is a terrifying place inhabited by the infected survivors of the virus that destroyed society lying dormant in wait of prey. In the midst of danger, threat and survival sparks ignite between Porter and Emma defying their attempt…

New Book Teaser #1

Here's a brief notice from a post on my Facebook Page. I'm sharing a few paragraphs from the new book "My Sweet Infected" available now on Amazon at My Sweet Infected. Please stop by, grab a copy (Free with Prime and Unlimited) and leave a review or comment. Thanks! Post by Charles Miske.

Goodreads Book Giveaway Open Now

From now until October 31, Goodreads will take entries to receive one of six copies of my book Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging
Take a second and take a chance.  Enter now, and please, also subscribe to the newsletter (upper right column) and we can keep in touch with other exclusive offers and first chances.

Goodreads Book Giveaway Summit Success by Charles Miske Giveaway ends October 31, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win Reviews from PM/DM/Chat/Email: 
Received your book today and am totally enjoying it!Your book is amazing, and one of the things that I got out of it is that you BELIEVE in your readers and their ability to do this.  I love how you worked in appreciation for family and having their support.And it's 5-star on Amazon!

Find me on Amazon

A few weeks ago a relative of a friend of a relative (is that obfuscated enough?) asked to buy my Carstensz book. I mentioned to the relative to tell their friend to tell their relative that I'm all over Amazon, so just do a search.

A few days ago the report came back that there was absolutely nothing anywhere and they gave up. I replied back

"Just do a search for Carstensz, or Charles Miske. You can't miss it."

So I did a little research today, using a browser that I've never ever logged into Amazon with, just to verify it would be a result that anyone could get, and not just because they knew who I was.

Typing in "Carstensz" Number One:

Typing in "Charles Miske" Number One:

Typing in "Miske" Number One:

So there you have it, three different ways to find me, and I'm number one for all of them.

I'm not that hard to find after all.

But if you want to skip all that and just click a link, here you go:

Charles Miske, Author on Ama…

Summit Success: Training for Hiking ... 5-Star Review on Amazon

My first review, and it's 5 Stars. That's a great feeling. It's even better reading the content of the review.

Most Helpful Book I've Read This book has put my life on a new direction. I feel more inspired to get fit and do those climbs and mountain trails than I ever have before, because after reading this book I believe I can do it. This author is an outstanding teacher. He clearly knows what he's talking about but he can explain the whole things in ways that are easy to understand, yet he does not talk down to the reader. I felt the conviction of the author that he believes in every one of us and our ability to train for hiking, mountaineering, and peak bagging (to borrow from the title!).

The book is loaded with good pictures that helped me to see what he meant by certain exercises and equipment, and it also has helpful charts that we can use to track our progress and set goals. He's used the knowledge he's gained over many years of training and climbi…

Self-Publishing 101

If you've been frustrated and can't figure out how to get your manuscript finished, uploaded to Amazon, approved, and available for sale, this will get you started.

5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success:Use the right software for the jobUse as little formatting as possible in your first draftUse grammar and spelling checks frequentlyShoot for 2000 words per dayConvert after all edits have been completed If you registered for the free webinar, you don't have to do anything, I'll send you a copy of the PDF transcript of the program as thanks. For the rest of you, I'd like to offer you a chance to pre-order it now for only $9. I'll send it via email on November 1. Click this Buy Now button to pre-order your copy today.
I'll offer it as a webinar for $47 at that time if you'd like to wait and get the information that way. This is a bargain for everything you need to know to get your book up on Amazon with the least hassle possible and the best results. If you&…

Nobody ever became a writer

Nobody ever became a writer just by wanting to be one. -- F. Scott Fitzgerald

It does take hard work. Here is a quote from one of my upcoming webinar series:

If you think publishing your own book is hard, let me tell you, when I first began, I knew nothing. I had no paid software like Microsoft Office or Photoshop or Acrobat. But with several weeks of reading all the help files, downloading all the free software I could find, lots of trial and error, and worst of all, rejection, I managed to publish my first eBook on Amazon.
I kid you not, my first Kindle book on Amazon was about 20 pages and it took me about a month to get it formatted, uploaded, rejected, over and over and finally approved with the right table of contents. It was the same for Nook and then Play and finally Createspace paperback.

Recently I got two books up simultaneously on Kindle and Createspace within 10 days. That's an amazing change in my process, and trimming the fat. If you want to get your book published, …

#spoileralert - New Amazon Author Bio

I updated my author bio. It was a bit long-winded, so I cut it down to about 1/3 the length and focused primarily on today, and ignored a lot of history. If anyone wants to know more about what I did way back in the day I suppose it's not all that important.


I do appreciate being able to slip in a teaser about my upcoming book, first in a series. I struggled a lot with the series name and title, so I hope all the cross-genre folks can really dig the subtle implications. If you're totally into one of the genres I mashed up here, I hope you can stay with me enough to finish it and see if it catches on with you and makes you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy

Here's to books, the cheapest vacation you can buy -- Charlaine Harris

I took a mental vacation this past few weeks. I'd just completed two non-fiction books in a row. One I'd worked on for two years, since it's a training manual for a 16 week program for Hiking and Nordic Walking training. I had to test all the protocols and take all the video and photos upon which the book was built. It ended up being 340 pages, 88 photo illustrations > 120 spreadsheets.

Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging

While working on that I created a webinar based on my training and goal setting protocols from my 5th place finish at Elbrus Race 2013, which used the skills and techniques I learned training for my unsuccessful attempt at Elbrus Race 2010. The webinar was such a hit, with my highest attendance and best reviews that I created an enhance and expanded edition with double the content. While writing the script for it I realized that it would make an…