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My Book Reviews

My Kindle Ebooks:The 100 Calorie Diet Plan: Portion Control Using 5th Grade MathFinding Time to Train: Time Management For AthletesSummit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak BaggingCarstensz, Stone Age to Iron Age (Seven Summits Quest Book 3)Elbrus Race 2013 (Seven Summits Quest Book 4)Elbrus, My Waterloo (Seven Summits Quest Book 1)Orizaba, My Almost Free Mexico Adventure (Seven Summits Quest Book 2)My Sweet Infected (My Infected Book 1) Here are some reviews: The 100 Calorie Diet Plan - 5-stars
This book is worth more to me than books that are twice it's length. There is nothing in The 100 Calorie Diet Plan that will cause you harm or make you come up short or go to excess on any nutrients. I have been off and on The Paleo diet since before Crossfit made it popular, as an endurance athlete, I found it hard to keep my weight neutral in the off season. I started to match my intake with my output and lost weight and maintain it. Once you calculate your Metaboli…