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New Year, New You, Amazing Bling Deal

Your New Year should include at least a couple of different things.Resolutions and/or GoalsRewards and/or Compensations

I know you probably haven't really thought about either of those yet, but now that Christmas is out of the way it's time to get cracking on it.


Resolutions and/or Goals
First of all, you need a plan. I'm sure you've heard the ads from NordicTrack that incline training burns more fat faster than just about any other type of training. I have a NordicTrack incline treadmill myself, and I love it. But did you know that you can do the exact same type of training without one?

Regular treadmills often go up to 15% incline and that's plenty steep enough for most training goals. You can also use stairs, box stepping, and hill running. I wrote a book about how to succeed at incline training, and I want you to have a free paperback copy of it worth $26.55. That's the current price that Amazon is charging today CLICK HERE for deta…

Author Angela Snyder's 3K Likes Giveaway Event

Check it out on FACEBOOK HERE

Author Angela Snyder has an event to celebrate passing 3000 Likes on her Facebook Page. I've been selected as the featured author in the giveaway for Dystopian Young Adult Romantic Triangle (with Zombies) with My Sweet Infected.

Join the event, and Like and Comment to your heart's content on my post there, and see if you can become one of five lucky winners who can get a free signed copy of "a fantastic new gory world for fans of the genre to play in" after January 3, 2015.

That quote is from a 5-Star Review on Amazon HERE. Since that review I've received a few more, all 5-Stars. Let me say that the Free Kindle Unlimited offering has been great. I've sold about twice as many of those as any other since the day I published it.

I have only a few of this second printing edition with the black cover left, so it's got minor historic significance. If you're a collector, I'd love to have you Join the event, and comment on my…

World Wide Otaku Day - Dec 15

Otaku subculture is a central theme of various anime and manga works, documentaries and academic research. The subculture began in the 1980s as changing social mentalities and the nurturing of otaku traits by Japanese schools combined with the resignation of such individuals to become social outcasts. The subculture's birth coincided with the anime boom, after the release of works like Mobile Suit Gundam before branched into Comic Market. The definition of otaku subsequently became more complex, and numerous classifications of otaku emerged. In 2005, the Nomura Research Institute divided otaku into twelve groups and estimated the size and market impact of each of these groups. Other institutions have split it further or focus on a single otaku interest. These publications classify distinct groups including anime, manga, camera, automobile, idol and electronics otaku. The economic impact of otaku has been estimated to be as high as ¥2 trillion ($18 billion).[4] -- WIKI

I have ment…

My Sweet Infected - more inspiration

Who remembers that anime was a heavy influence in the creation of my dystopian young adult romance "My Sweet Infected" featuring an interesting angle on a romantic triangle?

I think of Emma, the protagonist, as an alter ego, since a great deal of the time spent writing was more like a psychic channeling the voice of the character, rather than methodically going over a spreadsheet analyzing character traits. It is probably a much more authentic approach, imho.

"I can’t even imagine how a girl could do that. I admire that. I could never ever …” Her voice trailed off as she carefully reached out and touched the edge of my hair where it was tucked behind my ear. Her eyes displayed a confusing array of emotions as her fingers plucked at the short ends. Maybe there were stringy clumps of blood between the strands. --   Chapter Six - MORE HERE

Here is an image from Tokyo Ghoul, which I am looking forward to watching when it comes up in the queue. MORE INFO (image from a G+ An…

Book Signing - Holiday Bazaar at Keystone CO

Saturday, December 13, 2014, 11-4
Keystone Lodge

Details on Facebook:

Be sure to come for a repeat of my New Years Resolutions Special 4 books for $40 - while supplies last.

If you can't make it you can still order online and get delivery before New Years.

Seven Summits Quest Volume 5 - South America

I'm embarking on the final chapter of my South American adventures, with the upcoming trip to Argentina for an amazing endurance athletic challenge - back-to-back Seven Summits and Volcanic Seven Summits. Watch the video and read the introduction below. Then please pre-order the largest volume yet in the Seven Summits Quest Series as a Reward in my Kickstarter fundraising project.
Kickstarter Trailer on VIMEO:
Seven Summits Quest - Volume 5 - South America - Kickstarter Trailer from Charles Miske on Vimeo.
Coming soon to Amazon - Volume 5 of my highly successful Seven Summits Quest Series. I'll be going to South America for a double-header. Aconcagua and Ojos del Salado. The highest peak of South America and the highest volcano in the world. Assist me in writing and publishing this amazing journey by choosing the reward that suits you best on Kickstarter -> The $3 reward gets you the final Kindle version before I upload it to Amazon - a $4.99 value. Th…

Sweet Infected Relationships

In my book "My Sweet Infected" there is a romantic triangle that is a bit unusual compared to most Young Adult Dystopian novels out today.

Here are some related quotes from my 5-Star Reviews on Amazon:

-great emotional depth between the characters of Porter, Emma and Linda-burying your head back inside of the book pages for the steaminess of the Emma-Porter-Linda love triangle-now I have to know what becomes of Emma, Porter, and Linda!

A quote from the book from one side of the triangle:

“Sounds like it. I can’t even imagine how a girl could do that. I admire that. I could never ever …” Her voice trailed off as she carefully reached out and touched the edge of my hair where it was tucked behind my ear. Her eyes displayed a confusing array of emotions as her fingers plucked at the short ends. Maybe there were stringy clumps of blood between the strands. -- Chapter 4
And from another side of the triangle:

I pulled Porter back outside and closed the door. Emotions spilled from him in…

Greatest pages of your story ...

The Greatest Pages of Your Story Have Yet to be Written -- Meme

I think this was meant as an inspirational message. It was to imply that the best days of your life were yet to come.

I like to think of it from the viewpoint of an author. In that case you could take it literally, rather than figuratively. Somewhere out in time and space, your best work is yet to come.

I do recognize that my own work has improved tremendously with each book. My favorite so far?

My Sweet Infected - my young adult dystopian fiction novel with zombies. Get it today and find out why it's been rated 5 stars consistently.

I don't always read books ...

I don't always read books .. Who am I kidding? You should see my library. - Meme

Have you seen all my books? 
Check out my 5-Star Reviewed Books on Amazon HERE

Have you taken any of my workshops?
Check out "How to Write a Book" on Summit Success Training HERE

It's the best guarantee you'll get in a $119 "How to Write a Book" Program. My writing, editing, publishing secrets can now be shared with you. Make your book dream a reality. Start now.

Sweet Infected Inspirations

My character Emma, the protagonist, started out as one person and became another. It shows in the book as she evolves and transforms in so many ways from the opening butt-kicking scene to the final fight of the book. Then we get to see even more in the teaser for book 2.

I started out writing about her without really knowing her, and little clues and hints about her personality and appearance came to me as I slowly grew to know her bit by bit. I became her in spirit, since it's a first-person narrative. Every time I sat down to write I had to get into character to be sure to have the consistency necessary for a smooth plot flow.

I've mentioned a few times now that Anime was a major influence on my characters and their relationships. Every now and then I find an image on G+ that represents some small facet of Emma's character.

My reviewers think I did an excellent job. I hope you will too.

Her voice trailed off as she carefully reached out and touched the edge of my hair whe…

5-Star Review for My Sweet Infected

Here's another Five Star Review for My Sweet Infected

5-Star – My Sweet Infected—is Quite Contagious I became completely absorbed with this tale penned by Author Charles Miske.
Best described as a Dystopian thrill ride, the lure is certainly Miske’s vivid
central characters, who are stricken with various strains of infection which causes some to morph into monstrous beings with the need to feed off of human flesh. There are plenty of gruesome elements that will have you turning away, but believe me,
you’ll be burying your head back inside of the book pages for the steaminess of
the Emma-Porter-Linda love triangle. Boundary lines are drawn because of their genetics, but they’re also made to be crossed in this read where the overall plot has you rooting for one side one minute, and the other the next. This is book one in the My Sweet Infected series. I’m now a fan, and you will be too, which is exactly what makes this book so very contagious.
It's quite contagious. I love readin…

True Alchemists

True Alchemists don't change lead into gold. They change the world into words. - William H. Gass

I enjoy talking to people who read my books. I especially enjoy when they loved my books. Sometimes it's okay when they have some constructive criticism.

When I wrote My Sweet Infected (AMAZON KINDLE) I wasn't able to meet my words per day goals until I had fully created that world in my mind. Then I had to express the events that would naturally have occurred in that world into words. It's a fun process and I can hardly wait for my next fiction novel to come out of hiding and make that world available to me.

If you fully create the world first in your mind, then on paper, when it is before the reader's eyes, it's a whole new world for them to explore and become engrossed in.

My Sweet Infected is a fantastic new gory world for fans of the genre to play in. I loved the book and I’d recommend it. - 5-Star Review for My Sweet Infected on Amazon

My Sweet Infected 5 Star Review

5-Star – Great read! Glad it’s a series. This book is a great example of dystopian fiction. The plot is unique which I appreciated and there’s a surprising twist which I really didn’t see coming. I ended up reading parts of the book again because some of the scenes were so good. The author has created a great novel here with a compelling story that has great emotional depth between the characters of Porter, Emma and Linda. The backdrop is the dangerous world of the infected and as is so often the case, danger lies in those not infected as well. Good stuff! My Sweet Infected is a fantastic new gory world for fans of the genre to play in. I loved the book and I’d recommend it. I've had great success with the Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Lending Library for this book.

For Sale on Kindle, and available with the Amazon Prime Kindle Owners Lending Library and on Kindle Unlimited.

For Sale in Paperback


How to Write a Book Light

You can read about my "How to Write a Book" the Light Version on my Facebook Feed for SummitSuccessTraining.Com

Post by Summit Success.
So if you're one of those who have been tempted by the $400+ "Earlybird Special" that includes 4 training videos, here's a great option that will get you Self-Published quickly, instead of in the "Slush Pile" going the traditional route will undoubtedly result in.

How to Write a Book - the Light Edition Only $119 HERE

Grammar Nazi Approval

I'm sure you know a grammar nazi, right? They'll correct everything you say or write. They'll correct everything you even read. In fact, they might even speak in absolutely correct sentences all the time. In a fictional universe with dialogue this is hardly helpful. Most people do not actually speak in absolutely correct sentences. Ever. If you're doing a first-person narrative or stream of conscious novel then you might not be using correct sentences all that often. If at all. Got it?

Bad spelling. Bad grammar. I can not eat this homework. - meme caption
I got this in a review for My Sweet Infected BUY ON AMAZON

I can recognize a good quality work. In addition to the excellent quality of the writing, the editing is flawless, making for a good reading experience. - 5-Star Review
If you've read any of the low priced (4.99 or less) indie self-published novels on Amazon, particularly the romance genres you'd expect that every paragraph would have at least one glari…

Thousands of eBooks

"Which one of my 3,586 ebooks should I read next?" - meme caption
You know that if you have Kindle Unlimited you can download something like the entirety of the Kindle Library, right?

Something you might now know though is that they will not pay the author/publisher until you've read at least 1/7 of the book (exact number not publicly available, but close enough for my purposes here).

So while you might spend a few years reading that humongous library on your Kindle, the poor author might go out of business, the KDP global fund is shut down so no one ever gets paid, they stop the Kindle Unlimited program and silently delete your library one night, or who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Amazon?

I'm glad to share my work with you, and HERE are my "free" books for you to snag for your free library with Kindle Unlimited. Only do me a favor, and please skim through the first 1/7 of the book quick and then return to the front when it's time to actually…

My Sweet Infected, New Cover for Kindle

I was searching through the competition on Goodreads, and discovered that almost all the various Dystopian and Paranormal Romance/Triangle books had a lot of red in the cover.

CHECK IT OUT - it's on quite a few lists now and a handful of 5-Star ratings.

So I went through my Photoshop copy of the original cover and added in some red gauze/smoke effect to it. I love how it turned out. How about you?

Check out the new cover and let me know what you think about it. I totally love it. When I showed it to the model she totally dug it as well. I think this will make my book pop out a lot more from a search page.

Be sure to BUY IT NOW on Amazon (the new cover might not be available till November 8) - it's Free if you got Prime or Unlimited, so that's a perk there for you if you think they're worth it.

Trivia: I shot all the photos on the cover and created it myself.

Please visit the MAIN WEBSITE for more info about "My Sweet Infected" including a slew of quotes and cop…

My Sweet Infected - first write-up

Just got my first sweet write-up for My Sweet Infected - CHECK IT OUT HERE

Post by Horror Cabin.

That's from their Facebook Page, if you want to go check that out.

What's better than love and zombies? Nothing! Details about "My Sweet Infected" here #horror... via @spleendingo
— Charles Miske (@tripeakprod) November 6, 2014 That's the Tweet they used for the headline of the page

Notable Quotes: Some of us love zombies, myself included. Some of us love….love! And most of us love BOTH. So what could be better than a book described as “A Dystopian Young Adult Romantic Triangle with Zombies.”? That’s exactly what “My Sweet Infected” is... “My Sweet Infected” has a perfect five star rating on Amazon and Goodreads. This is no small feat these days as people want to find fault with everything. But when you reach that delicate balance of horror and romance, we can’t help but to do a little fist pump in celebration.
I appreciate the fan-love there, s…

Summit Success Training Manual - Kindle or Paperback?

Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak BaggingPURCHASE HERE

It's available on Kindle and Paperback. In paperback it's 340 pages, and in Kindle 422. The difference is that the Kindle defaults to a 5 x 8 inch size, and the paperback is 7 x 10 inch size.

The Kindle is a bit clunky with charts and tables. There are 120 of them in the book with all of your weekly training goals for each of the different types of cardio training you could do.

StairsBox SteppingTreadmillIncline TreadmillStairmaster Stepmill

With that, some people prefer the more open presentation of the spreadsheet tables as in the Kindle, but others prefer the appearance in the paperback. You can make photocopies of the training charts in the paperback and cross off items as you achieve them. To facilitate that more easily there is a link in both versions of the book to go register and receive a free copy of all the spreadsheets as an easy to print PDF, no matter which version you purchase.


Goodreads Author Questions

As an author listed on Goodreads, I have the opportunity to take questions from some of my readers and Goodreads members - CLICK HERE TO ASK OR READ ANSWERS

Here is a screenshot of a couple of my answers so far, followed by the text:

What’s your advice for aspiring writers? Charles Miske1) get a lot of life experience. mistakes are good for that
2) listen to every single word anyone says to anyone within earshot
3) write 2000 words every single day, even if it's nonsense What are you currently working on? Charles MiskeI'm working on a vampire themed book set in the mid nineteenth century with events from the Western Migration.

If you want to ask a question, please go to Goodreads and ask away! I'd love to chat with you about my books and writing.

My Sweet Infected - Another 5 Stars

Got another 5-Star Review, and thought I'd share part of it.

"morph into monstrous beings with the need to feed off of human flesh. There are plenty of gruesome elements that will have you turning away, but believe me, you'll be burying your head back inside of the book pages for the steaminess of the Emma-Porter-Linda love triangle. Boundary lines are drawn because of their genetics, but they’re also made to be crossed in this read where the overall plot has you rooting for one side one minute, and the other the next." - Amazon 5-Star Review I'm really enjoying the things people are saying about this unique post-apocalyptic zombie dystopian young adult romantic triangle novel. I want you to read it, and let me know how you liked it. Leave an honest review for me.


For Sale on Kindle, and available with the Amazon Prime Kindle Owners Lending Library and on Kindle Unlimited.

For Sale in Paperback


Blame it on Emma

In my introduction to the book My Sweet Infected on Amazon Kindle and Paperback, I clearly state that I felt like I was channeling my protagonist, Emma.

 It started out as one thing, faded away to a back corner, then came out as another thing entirely as my character evolved. It was almost like channeling as she surprised me at many turns with ideas and needs of her own. ... I need to thank my wife Angie for putting up with my various behavior oddities as I was fully into my character. - My Sweet Infected - Dedication & Forward HERE

It was amazing to me when I finally got into my character and knew exactly what she was doing, had done, and would be doing at each turn of the page. I was thrilled to get to that stage and the book is a much higher quality for it. I'm beginning all over again to get a feel for a new character. Mercy, a miniature adult stuck in a 12 year old body. I'm sure you've heard the saying "13 going on 30" and this is the embodiment of that…

My Sweet Infected Influences

I had quite a few influences over the roughly two years I spent on My Sweet Infected

BUY HERE - Free for Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited So Get It Now!

I watched a lot of anime in that time. I attribute the increased number of streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll etc. to my ability to just watch whatever whenever. My favorite time of all is on the treadmill. I just unplug my brain from the world, plug it into my computer monitor, my Kindle, or Roku and watch away for the hour I'm on it. At 2-1/2 episodes per cardio session a season goes by fast.

I loved some of the various vampires, demons, undead, aliens and other mythological character types. As well, I loved some of the relationships you find in anime. I'll let you research that some if you're interested at all. GLOSSARY

Porter took my backpack off and set it down at the corner while I straightened my hair and clothes, pulling my shirt tail out over my hip holster. A girl had to look good, right? Not…

How to Write a Book Guaranteed 10 Week Program

I've recently begun taking clients for my new program designed to show you the secrets I use to self-publish my books. In the past 8 weeks I've published 3 books. I have it down to a science now. I have a system. I have a program.

My program can get you on the fast track to success for your own self-publishing goals.

In 10 weeks of intense, hands-on mentoring I work with you as much as you need to get your idea into a 20,000 to 40,000 word finished book on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and Createspace Paperback. It's guaranteed or I'll start all over again with your individualized program up to three total cycles through the program.

I want you to succeed with my program. Right now I'm offering it at half off, which is a heck of a deal. Until November 10th it's only $247 for all of this.

10 weeks of hands-on trainingWeekly Strategy SessionsWeekly Accountability SessionsDaily Goals and Target ActivitiesMonthly  Checkup Sessions
Send me as many emails as you need, an…

Radio Interview KSKE

Yesterday I went out to Avon to visit with Jeffrey Cash, with KSKE HERE for an interview. I'm going to be doing a book signing at the 6th Annual Winter Market and Holiday Fair at the Eagle River Center in Eagle CO on November 14 and 15. DETAILS

I had a lot of fun with Jeffrey. I shared some of my best stories with him including being held by mercenaries and local officials in Indonesia, slipping past barricades in Russia, and my plans for Everest.

I shared my video from the summit of Quandary on the 27th. HERE

I shared my Seven Summits Quest Facebook Page HERE

I shared my Charles Miske Author Site HERE

It was a great experience all around and I can hardly wait for the show so I can sell some books, sign some books, and tell some great stories. If you're going to be in Eagle that weekend, please stop by and let's chat.

If you want to get some fantastic jewelry that you can customize to tell the story of your loved one my wife and I will be bringing that. If you can't ma…

Goth and Fae Competition

My newest release "My Sweet Infected" CLICK HERE has appeared on at least one Goodreads list, so I decided to go scope out the competition. The ones that have profile pics generally show them in various capes, magician costumes, renaissance fair attire, and other types of genre clothing.

I have to admit to the same thing, since I show pics of myself running, climbing mountains, or working out. I can't imagine using a Halloween costume as a profile pic though. Or back of book pic. Or any other pic supposed to represent myself. I do actually wear running clothes. I don't actually wear Halloween costumes. Well, maybe once a year. Though if I ever do a Steampunk book, I do have to switch to the genre costume since it will inevitably result in much greater profits. I can't imagine any other reason to post a pic like that. Can you?

New Years Resolution Perfection

Every year when I do a local 14er I run into so many hikers struggling to slowly make the summit. They probably promised to get in shape for the hike, but blew it off since there they had no idea how to train properly. There weren't any good books with a specific training plan designed for hiking on steep rugged terrain.

Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging
This book is the one that will get you there in the best condition possible. I spent two years developing this plan so that you could make it work. Here's an email I received from one of my readers.  Your book is amazing, and one of the things that I got out of it is that you BELIEVE in your readers and their ability to do this.  It makes me want to get more involved in getting myself in better shape and get out and have more adventures.  I could almost feel the JOY of being up on a trail doing a 14er!  Your writing sty…

Free Review Copies

In the last few years of being a published author, I've given away hundreds of books out of my extremely limited marketing budget. Out of those hundreds of free review copies...

I've gotten exactly zero reviews.
It's normal for an author who is trying to break into the big leagues to pay for reviews. Those few authors that all the articles are about did it. The ones that used big publishing company rules to self-publish, with marketing budgets in the tens of thousands. I don't want to go there if I don't have to.

It's also normal to give away free copies with the explicit agreement up front.

I give you free book - you give me free honest review
And since all my other reviews, from people who purchased the book, are generally 5-Star reviews, I can't assume that the book sucked so bad that the "free review copy" reviewer was embarrassed to post a review.

So please don't ask for a free copy with the hanging promise that you'll give me a revie…

Sweet Infected Reviews

Any minute now I expect the reviews to start coming in for My Sweet Infected.

It already has a 5-star on Goodreads and with all the traffic it has gotten on Amazon I expect that there should be reviews pretty soon.

If you've read it and could leave an honest review, I'd appreciate it. I ask only for an honest open minded review of my book.

Buy My Zombie Dystopian Young Adult Novel
For Sale on Kindle, and available with the Amazon Prime Kindle Owners Lending Library and on Kindle Unlimited.


For Sale in Paperback


Rated 5 Stars on Goodreads CLICK HERE

My Sweet Infected Milestones #2

"My Sweet Infected" has been a wonderful experience for me.

In the last 24 hours I've tied my 24 hour record number of Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited downloads.

I've achieved #87 in my category Teen and Young Adult Romance Dystopian.

But to me, the achievement of a long-standing dream, I'm only 3 places away from Carrie Ryan's amazing book "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" which was one of my influences in writing this.

If you're a fan of this genre, you'll know right away what an awesome accomplishment that is. Seriously. I'm just bowled over with emotions.

Post by Charles Miske.