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iBook Store and Personal Publishing

There used to be a loophole for PDF uploads in the iBook Store. A few of my fans on Seven Summits Quest Facebook asked if I could provide my books in iPad format so I went through a near-exhaustive process of signing up as a publisher in the iBook Store. This was a pretty serious undertaking. B&N was the easiest to sign up for. Amazon was fairly simple. Apple was a long complicated process of bank and ID verification.

After over a month of that, I finally was ready to publish. There was no way to publish. I dug all over the place, and apparently the PDF loophole was closed. Uploading wasn't possible, even for properly formatted and converted ebooks.

The only way to do it on your own as a publisher was to buy a relatively expensive new computer and install their free software and rewrite the book in that software. The second option was to hire one of their preferred providers to do all that for you. For a fee. In both cases though it was expensive enough that I would need to se…

Elbrus Race 2013 - ebook publishing on Kindle and Nook

I've finished writing the ebook "Elbrus Race 2013" about the adventure race in Russia that I and Todd Gilles, national figure skating champion, competed in. It was great fun in spite of the whiteout along the course between cliffs and crevasses. When the book is live, presumably tomorrow, I'll put up links for you to buy it.

Post by Seven Summits Quest.