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Every Book Holds a Little World Inside

When I'm in full on writing mode, I can crank out up to 10,000 words a day.That's not normal though. I try to set a goal of getting in 2,000 words a day, like the old Stephen King writing advice states.

“I like to get ten pages a day, which amounts to 2,000 words." Stephen King Goodreads
I got quite a few books written in a short time span last fall, then settled down into normal daily life. The intensity required to write a book like "My Sweet Infected" was unexpectedly devastating. I became my protagonist in so many ways as she crept into my psyche and took over for me as I channeled her every thought as I created the story of her awakening.

Read the book if you want to know more about this ruined world with humans on the brink of extinction. Find the clues, sort through the chaos, and realize the end is inevitable. The little world inside this book is doomed.

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My Sweet Infected (My Infected Book 1)

My Sweet Infected No Longer Paperback

My Sweet Infected No Longer Available In Paperback? Sadly, it's true. I sold so many in Kindle, and especially Kindle Unlimited, that I have no reason to continue to support the paperback edition.

Somehow I knew nothing was alive in there, but if Hank noticed we were just walking on in with no concern for safety he'd know something was up. He wasn't stupid. Except maybe for Shelley. Women had a way of doing that to men. The thought crossed my mind suddenly that Porter had been taking more and more interest in me in that way on this trip. Was I doing something to him to make him stupid? We couldn't afford it.
We rounded a guard tower set into the wall. The large door between the two towers was open and swinging gently in the breeze. Nothing good could have happened in there.
Hank couldn't see us from here, so Porter stopped the slinking around act and stood tall. I shook it off and stood beside him.
"Why are you trusting my senses on this?" I posed the qu…

My Sweet Infected Video Teaser April 1

My Sweet Infected  Recently I have had My Sweet Infected out on a Kindle Countdown Deal and it ends in just a few days now, but it's a heck of a deal for anyone who wants a copy. Remember that with a Countdown Deal Amazon will not allow me to reduce the price again for a period of time around 6 weeks or so. This is it as far as discounts go.

If you want to get a copy for your friends, that's great. I'd love for you to buy some up. Leave me reviews, and share my Facebook and Blog Pages with all your friends. I need to see a lot of support to encourage me to begin writing the next books in the series. Cheer me on and help support my efforts.

Watch the Video, Below:

My Sweet Infected - More Teasing
My Sweet Infected - TMI? Please share it with all your friends and help me get started on the next book in the series.…