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Teach Stephen King How to Write Horror

I recently updated the book description for my "The 100 Calorie Diet Plan" on Amazon HERE and then did a bit of tweeting about it as soon as the Amazon approval process was complete and it went live with the edits in place.

Within minutes of one of my tweets I got this excellent example of a Bot run amok.

I thought it was hilarious that I would get an offer like that. Obviously any rational being would see in my profiles that I've lost 60 pounds and kept it off for 4 years now through hard cardio, weight training, and diet, including the exact same diet as in the book.

Statements tweeted from the book description on Amazon:
Imagine a food portion control system so easy a 5th grader can do the math and weigh out the portions.Imagine yourself achieving your fat loss goals in 12 short weeks using that plan.Imagine a food portion plan that doesn't require that you eliminate any of your favorite foods.Imagine no more, because this is that plan.

So I posted on Facebook and Tw…

Twitter Fan Offers Book Review

I love it when I get an honest review of any of my books and articles, regardless of source.

I've been running a survey the last few days to figure out what you, my readers, think should be the best title for my upcoming training manual for hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. CLICK HERE if you want to offer your opinion. So far the response has been amazing and pointed out so many options I hadn't considered. So a great big thank you to all!

Anyway, I posted a link to the survey on Twitter, and apparently attracted the attention of a young twitter aficionado of #hiking who is known to not fall into any of the following groups:

Email Subscriber from Seven Summits BodyDownloader of the 2013 beta edition "Couch to Colorado 14er"Subscriber to the "Mountaineering Fitness" training program

So apparently if they've read any of the available versions previous to July 2014 it was obtained by a file sharing site. I say this only to point out the validity of thei…