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First 2-star Review for Elbrus

Descent read but strange delivery. Author/climber seemed way out of their element would have liked to hear more of the cultural experiences as well.
I read this over and over trying to figure it out. At first I was really confused, and mildly miffed. My book Elbrus, My Waterloo [HERE] has been one of my best selling books on Amazon. It's gotten quite a few 5-star reviews and one 4-star review. But 2-stars?

I'll address a few of these thoughts here.

1) Descent - I'm pretty sure the reviewer meant "Decent" and decent is good enough for me. If everyone that reads it believes it to be decent, then I did my job well enough.

2) strange delivery - I think this refers to the fact that it's my journal notes expanded slightly. I make no secret of this in any of my marketing text. I kept a journal. I fleshed it out and made it into a book that could be read by someone who is not me, and doesn't understand my journaling shorthand.

3) out of their element - no idea wh…

How my internet went to heck - Digis Takes Over

For the past dozen or so years I've been all of:

DeveloperProgrammerSystems AdministratorDatabase AdministratorVideo ProducerPhotographerWriterCommunity Manager
most of which require huge chunks of bandwidth and roughly 100% uptime. I've had Comcast and been quite happy. Qwest and been relatively unhappy. A neighborhood T-1 and been exceedingly unhappy. Rapidwave and been quite happy. So happy I resisted getting Comcast when it finally appeared in my neighborhood after a ten year letter writing campaign by my neighbors in the development.

Rapidwave was one of those microwave antenna providers. I got the business class service with a dedicated IP and a lot of bandwidth and no service caps. I've had excellent service with only one decrease in bandwidth that they fixed in only a few days after I called about it.

A handful of months ago they sent an email saying they were changing their infrastructure and that we needed to redo our settings in our router. No biggie except it wa…

Kicking Back for a Chill

I got back from Carstensz with a lot of issues to resolve. I think anyone who had been held against their will and detained in what amounts to an Indonesian jail would understand, right? Anyway, I had torn rib cartilage to deal with that made breathing tough. I have several other climbs coming up that I need to be in shape for. I had an Ultra coming up that required me to almost immediately fall back into my 24 miles per week running training. I had to finish writing the most intensely personal and painful to recount book ever in my career of writing Carstensz, Stone Age to Iron Age [MORE HERE]. I think Iron Age might be a veiled reference to Iron Bars - what do you think?

I was able to seclude myself for a week in rural Colorado and convert my transcribed notes to the final book. If you're an author writing primarily autobiographical books and articles, and have to endure the intensity of your emotions and physical pain while writing, then please, do everyone important in your li…

Film Festival History

A very long time ago when I lived in Kansas City, I attended a workshop on how to write a screenplay. At the time I was already editing my own fanzine that I later sold for an outrageous profit. I was also writing regularly for a handful of local magazines including New Age and Health topics, like the kind you find in massage studios. I did quite well and kept in touch with the instructor, who was a Hollywood Reader - the people that pre-screen submissions to studios.

I wrote a screenplay and shopped it around some, getting a call from a VP at Viacom at my job in landscaping. I was completely and totally unprepared for that call and botched it terribly. I kept that bug in the back of my mind for a few years, and later when a company moved me to Utah for a tech job, I ended up hanging on the periphery of the Indie Film crowd.
I went to a very professional Short Film Fest in Nevada, and decided I would make one for a Utah fest. The topic of the short was supposed to be something about &…