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My Sweet Infected on Kindle Unlimited

Wanting to remind everyone that My Sweet Infected is FREE on Kindle Unlimited and in the Amazon Prime Kindle Lending Library (remember you have to get it from your Kindle to enable free borrowing, otherwise you will be charged).

So far it's been my absolute best seller in Kindle, and especially on Unlimited/Library, in which several a day go out to some awesome readers. Remember that if you've read it and leave an honest review I'll be offering a special thank-you, something simple.

“What did I do wrong?” The tears smelled of salt. Her blood smelled hot and tasty just below the surface. She glowed in the darkness, begging me to take everything she offered.
“Nothing. It’s me. I don’t trust myself with you.” I reached my hand down, felt hers under mine, pressed gently.
“But I trust you, isn’t that enough?” -- My Sweet Infected, Chapter 21

Goals for Charles Miske Author on Facebook, and a giveaway

I spent a few minutes from Utah discussing some of my goals for the Charles Miske Author Page on Facebook. I'd love to get a few hundred more followers and need your help. I have some paperbacks to give away, and would love to share them all with you.

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Check out my "goals video" from Facebook...

Post by Charles Miske.
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My Sweet Infected - Teaser and Nearly a Spoiler

My Sweet Infected - teaser/spoiler video? While typing in my "studio" the other day I took a short pause to discuss some of my notes about upcoming possibilities for a new volume in the series. Should it be #0, a prequel, in which Porter discovers the mechanism by which the infection is created? Or should be continue on with #2, right from the teaser at the end of #1, My Sweet Infected? What say you, fans?

Be sure to go check it out and purchase on Amazon....



Post by Charles Miske.