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I gave away more books in two days than I sold in the entire year

Over time I had removed all of my books from Amazon KDP Select. That means that those books can't participate in:
Kindle Countdown DealKindle Free PromotionPrime Lending Library I'd read a lot of articles going over the pros and cons of KDP Select, most of which end up by saying
Enroll in KDP Select for the awesomeness
Here we have some cons: Exclusivity to AmazonCountdown Deal and Free Promotion cannot be done in same enrollment cycleCountdown Deal and Free Promotion according to strict days per cycle The teaser of Countdown Deal is probably the most lucrative. Supposedly Amazon puts your book on a list of all the other 3,451 books currently on the Countdown Deal to push your book and market it for you. For many books this might be the only marketing it ever receives. 
The Free Promotion of course is purely to generate some interest and stats so you can wave a flag and say My book was #43,329 in Kindle Books for an hour and a half! For most books that is probably as high as it …