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Christmas Gift for New Year Resolutions

If your significant other, relative, friend, partner, companion, loved one is a hiker, or a Nordic walker, Nordic skier, Nordic 'blader, trekker or someone else who digs the high country or mountains, I have the perfect Christmas gift right here.

If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, here it is. In January they can make a real resolution. They can make a goal instead of a wish or a dream, and make real progress in their fitness. It's a 16 week program tested and designed to get them to their goal summit in clearly laid out babysteps of progress. There are a half dozen ways to train during that 16 weeks and they're all spelled out with progress charts and photos illustrating the exercises.

Summit Success: Training for Hiking, Mountaineering, and Peak Bagging

Get it now, and you'll have your copy in plenty of time for the perfect Christmas gift.

Authors on Twitter

I have split my Twitter Accounts so that right now I'd like to focus on

Author Information:
Fitness, running, general:
Mountains, Seven Summits:

It's a pain because Twitter and browsers don't play well together, and surprisingly private/incognito windows actually share information between them, so I can't be logged into more than two accounts at a time without breaking things.

From a business perspective though it makes a ton of sense. There is a trap though to this whole scheme of marketing on Twitter that I'd like to point out.

Most authors on Twitter are using it as a support group.
Yep. You read that right. When I, as an author, have 2000 authors that I follow, and they follow me, there is ultimately absolutely no purpose in it. We can gripe at each other, brag to each other, and send each other nearly endless spam Tweets about buying our next book, or last book, …

Shipping Some Books

I had quite a few of my Training Program (Beta Testers) who had paid up front several months ago at the beginning of their programs. I'm packing up their books today for shipping. Not sure exactly when I'll get to the post office, since this is a surprisingly rural county with honestly poor USPS service. When friends try to send me stuff I tell them to use the slowest service possible, since that's what they'll end up getting. I'm not the ski resort, so I don't get overnight.

If you want to buy the book, now is the time before Amazon raises the price - right now about 20% below list.


Oh, btw: If you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited the eBook is FREE!

Getting into Character

I'm working on a dystopian fiction work right now, with an interesting protagonist. Sometimes I feel more like I'm channeling her and I have no idea what she's going to do next. It makes for fun writing sometimes but it feels like there's about an hour gap between when I start writing and when I'm fully in character. Will make it interesting when I get around to editing later to smooth out those transitions.

I'm really hoping for an early October release for this one. Stay tuned.