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Amazon Travel Book Promotion

I was privy to an email from Amazon recommending a slew of various travel books. In the list were my Orizaba, My Almost Free Mexico Adventure and Elbrus, My Waterloo.

If you see the headline there "Travel Books" - Orizaba is the first on the list.

Elbrus was about 5th on the list. I'm really happy that Amazon has done this bit of promotion for me. I hope it pays off in the long run.

That being said, I'm in the process of creating the second edition of the Orizaba book, including my successful climb of 5 March 2013 with my good friend Todd Gilles. I call this "My unintentional climb of Orizaba". We weren't planning on going to the summit that day at all. It was supposed to be a lazy day of acclimatization a couple days before the summit climb. Then of course we got lost in the dark on the way down ...

Hang loose and I'll let you know when it's ready. On Amazon, B&N and in Print.

Napster Limewire and Digital Rights Today

I think most adults my age in business understand that sometimes people just own stuff. Most of law is predicated on that fact. Kids though. Wow. Because of all the file sharing craziness in the years surrounding the transition into the 21st Century, they expect that everything is free and no one really owns anything.

 Their iconic heroes of free everything sadly became part of the whole big business cashflow machine after discovering that yes indeed, the law was on the side of the owners. Then we get into the era of the mashup - a bit of this and that from everywhere and nowhere. No one really owns any of it because everyone owns a tiny part of it. This evolves into crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Can the 3,000 people who each gave you $10 to fund a board game project ever hope to get together to sue you for mismanaging the project?
 In fact, Kickstarter backers are exchanging something for nothing except a pledge that they will, at some estimated date in the future or very possibly…

Trade Shows part 1 - National Association of Broadcasters

A very long time ago I did some video production work. I wrote, shot, and edited commercials for a local business. I also shot and edited some commercials for some physicians in California. I was an extra in some indie film productions in Utah. I shopped some screenplays, treatments, and pitches in Los Angeles.

As part of that process I also attended the NAB Show. This is an annual trade show in Las Vegas. The NAB is a trade organization for people who are employed by television and radio stations in the USA. You can also be a member if you're studying various broadcast technologies, acting, drama or theater. Then there are advertising agencies and other support industries, camera and equipment manufacturers and distributors.

But this show was pretty much open to the public. Anyone with $75 could get in and have total access to the trade show floor. As well, you had access to a variety of training sessions (editing software, camera techniques, sound mixing, etc) and several lectur…