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Catching up

It's been a while since I have published anything. I'm letting some of my Amazon Prime books expire since I want to publish them to Barnes and Noble as well as Google Books. I recently updated My Sweet Infected. I'm working on a new fitness manual. I've tossed around a few fiction ideas. I want to do another mountain book. We'll see how it progresses.

My Sweet Infected Second Edition

"Saving Porter from the corrupt village chief was only the beginning of Emma's troubles that day. She couldn't remember her life before he took her under his protective wing. She couldn't remember the day the world ended. The day her parents joined the infected and left her to die.

On the run from bounty hunters and mercenaries and more of the infected, she discovers a horrible monster dwelling inside. It's a monster that threatens to claim the lives of both of her loves, preventing her from fulfilling the desires of her heart. Will she be forced to choose Porter, Linda, or the monster?"  My Sweet Infected - BUY HERE

I created a new cover, better representing the "romance" aspect of the plot, as hinted at above. I removed the end matter, the teaser from book two, which may or may not happen now due to some stuff going on behind the scenes. If you do want to see a book two, then please please pretty please leave a review, however many stars you want.…