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Review: Diesel - a short story #horror

Diesel: A Short StoryDiesel: A Short Story by Zachariah Wahrer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

15 minutes to read. Maybe I'm just slower than the other kids. A few odd choices of words (or mistakes) but nothing you can't read around if you've been reading modern self-published authors for a while.

The story? Interesting enough. Characters are caricatures. Unexpected turn of events. Classy enough effort to destroy the evidence. Potential lead-in to a vigilante series.

Why 3? It's just middlin'. Nothing too exciting, and in spite of my having lived this myself numerous times, I wasn't able to really identify with the protag. Just not enough time or words there I think.

Like I just alluded to, this is real. It happens. I have experienced this exact same type of prejudice and bullying while riding my bike in Missouri. Apparently all the locals are super fit from drinking vast quantities of beer while ranting about having been on the football team 40 years ago. Yeah. Athletes they are. Legends in their own minds. So when you don't fit in with that good ole boy mentality, you're a freak and need to be culled from the herd you don't even belong to.

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