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Review: Money: The Healthy #Habits Of #Money #Management For Your Personal Financial Freedom

Money: The Healthy Habits Of Money Management For Your Personal Financial Freedom (Money, Financial Freedom, Personal Finance, Savings)Money: The Healthy Habits Of Money Management For Your Personal Financial Freedom by June Joseph
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Do you remember several years ago there was a wildly successful book about the irrationally large number of secret, hidden, almost invisible millionaires lurking about disguised as our meek, mild-mannered neighbors?

Remember that the secret was that they refused to spend even a dime on anything that might be considered even remotely superfluous and instead tucked it away whatever was left after paying off their bills early into high interest, low availability accounts?

Well this is a slightly more moderate approach to managing your expenditures in an intelligent manner that allows you some small measure of fun. I'm being mildly facetious here, but not by much. If the "never spend a dime" mantra is definitely not going to work for you, this is totally worth taking a look at in this very short read.

Why 4? This 30,000' view could be brought down a lot closer to the ground and still add only a dozen or so pages and perhaps be a lot more clearly explained with a higher degree of success.

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Review: Dark Retreat [#emp lodge 1] [#prepper]

Dark Retreat by Grace Hamilton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok. Just ok. The protagonist seemed to be running straight into trouble most of the time. She was a bit too twitchy to identify with most of the time. The male lead was just too perfect and patient, in spite of his few flaws. Dragged a bit.

It's worth reading if Prepper Fiction is your cup of tea. Otherwise maybe it's not the best first Prepper Fiction book to start with.

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