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5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success

5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success:

  1. Use the right software for the job
  2. Use as little formatting as possible in your first draft
  3. Use grammar and spelling checks frequently
  4. Shoot for 2000 words per day
  5. Convert after all edits have been completed


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Self-Publishing Success Eluding You?

Most people have a story to tell, a book that they've been wanting to write, maybe since they were in high school or before. Every one I've talked to has no idea where to begin, what to do, how to get a book published. It's amazing too because Amazon and B&N and Google Play are all great places to get your books published today. Online publishing has changed the world for those who would like to write a book.
Self-Publishing Success-a stack of books shipping out to eager customers
Self-Publishing Success-a stack of books shipping out to eager customers
But they don't make it easy. Read the reviews from so many of the self-published authors on Amazon and a common theme is the amateurish formatting. But none of these publishers make it easy to figure out how to solve that problem. They don't tell you up front, realistically, how to achieve self-publishing success. Online publishing is fraught with "gotcha's" and loopholes to jump through.
I discovered that in my first ebook on Amazon. It took me weeks to get it formatted correctly before it was finally approved and listed for sale. But just recently I got two books formatted, approved and listed for sale in both Kindle and paperback editions.
I can't promise you that same level of success, but if you want to write a book, I can save you weeks of reading vague help files and message board posts. I can help you learn all the tips and tricks I learned from two years of publishing success.
But some people need a little more hands-on training, right?

5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success Bullet Points:

  1. Use the right software for the job
  2. Use as little formatting as possible in your first draft
  3. Use grammar and spelling checks frequently
  4. Shoot for 2000 words per day
  5. Convert after all edits have been completed
This one's not about marketing, but about how to write a high quality product that could get you noticed, unlike all those other $.99 books with the 1-star reviews because of glaringly obvious manuscript errors that Amazon should have rejected outright.

I have plenty of exciting content coming up for prospective authors to achieve self-publishing success, so be sure to register now for the newsletter (upper right column) for some email-exclusive offers.

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