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Mountaineering Fitness Training Program

Like Hiking with a Backpack Full of Helium!

[originally posted 05-29-2014]

Update: New Program Now Live Annual Membership

If you've been following my mountaineering fitness blogs, I've already given you hundreds of tips. I've produced training videos. I've shared my own training, my own adventures, even some of my secrets to my own success. I've shared articles from other trainers and authorities that I respect greatly. If you haven't been following my articles, here are the two links to those:

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New Webcasts:
  • Stair Climbing for Mountaineering Fitness [CLICK HERE]
  • Shoes, Boots, Socks for Hiking, Mountaineering [CLICK HERE]
  • Food, Water, Emergency Gear in the Day Hiking Backpack [CLICK HERE]
I began the Mountaineering Fitness manual after getting hundreds of questions on my Facebook Pages. Questions about training of course were among my favorite, because I started this most recent fitness journey after making some drastic life changes of my own. I wanted nothing more than to share my love of climbing and training.


Mountaineering Fitness: Dynamic Stretching Video Sample

This one minute video sample is from one of the Members-Only Exclusive Videos and should be available on DVD this Fall.
Back to the training manual, I put up a beta version for free download and it got hundreds of downloads before I took the link down. I figured I had enough human guinea pigs for my training program. Now I want to share it with you. I want to help you figure out the best way to train for hiking and climbing, whether you truly are coming in right off the couch or have been doing a fitness program for years.
One thing that I do really understand is the big difference between training for general fitness and training to hike on steep rugged terrain. I don't want you to fail when you're climbing because of your fitness. That's why I wrote this mountaineering fitness training program. If you want to know how it all works, then I highly suggest you keep following my blogs above, and better yet, please subscribe to the emails for the latest up to date information I can get out to you.
When it comes right down to it, in the past 8 years I’ve written hundreds of articles about
  • Hiking fitness
  • Hiking training
  • Training for Hiking and Mountaineering
  • Physical training for hiking
  • Training for climbing and ice climbing
  • Fat Loss Nutrition Strategy
  • Weight Training Accessory Training Programming
  • As well as my successful autobiographical “Seven Summits Quest Series”
Plank Illustration from the Mountaineering Fitness: Beginner Training Manual
Plank Illustration from the Mountaineering Fitness: Beginner Training Manual

My biggest training manual yet!

It's already over 300 pages. And there are three weeks of editing to go before it's submitted to the publisher.


Free Sample Chapter on Linkedin: CLICK HERE
I've published hundreds of articles and a handful of books about my climbing and mountaineering adventures, all of which make mention of my training methods. I have put it all together into the Mountaineering Fitness manual, and it's huge compared to all of my other publications. I wanted it to be that complete to help you to truly understand what's involved in training for mountaineering and hiking. The paperback edition of the manual will be available this Summer on Amazon along with the Kindle version. But right now you can get the preview edition as a training program subscription over the next four months. It's almost like having me right by your side giving you the scoop on what to do to achieve success in the mountains.
Mountaineering Fitness is for everyone who wants to climb
Mountaineering Fitness is for everyone who wants to climb

What Subscribers to the Program Received:

  • 9+ Emails over a 16 week period
  • Charts with Training Goals for each training period
  • Weight Training and Cardio Training Tasks Explained
  • Photo Illustration of Each Workout
  • Video Instruction for Hiking, Packing, and Training
And best of all, I'm accessible, here, on my other blogs, and on Facebook. Just ask your questions and I'll try my best to answer them as quickly as I can. I have even added some of these questions into recent updates on the manual and in podcasts.

I Opened a Second Training Cycle For Late Subscribers

Many missed our First Wave enrollment. It closed a couple years ago, and it has been a huge success. The First Wave Mountaineering Fitness group has definitely made a dent in their goals. The Second Wave enrollment was nearly triple that of the First Wave and I'm really excited to have sent each of them
  • the full ebook up to the Main Training Cycle - nearly 200 pages
  • the weekly training goal charts through Week 10
  • one exclusive training video for subscribers only
  • a few public videos based on the book
  • a podcast based on the book
Soon I'm hoping my groups start posting their summit shots to share their success. And just around the corner will be the full 300 page training manual in paperback and on Amazon Kindle.


Mountaineering Fitness: training in the mountains. Don't you wish you were here?
Mountaineering Fitness: training in the mountains. Don't you wish you were here?

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