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Summit Success Progress Report

[originally blogged 14 Oct 2014]
So it's been about a month now and it's been really great. I've sold way more than I expected and it's been a ton of fun answering questions and chatting with people on Facebook about this book. I finally got an awesome 5-star review and just today got a bump in Kindle sales that skyrocketed me into the #1870 position in authors for the Health/Fitness Genre. That's amazing for not having run a free promo.
Summit Success Kindle Stats from 10/13/2014
Summit Success Kindle Stats from 10/13/2014
I'm expecting a slew of more reviews to be coming in as more people finish this book. It's a good 340 pages of intense reading, so I expect it will be a while for a lot of people to get it done and posted.
Here's a sample personal review I received via email:
And the charts, you put a LOT of work into those! Too bad most readers don't really understand what all goes into writing a book and doing the photos and charts and graphs and all the research and math and everything. I can tell that you put NUMEROUS hours into this book.
Yes, it took me two years to write this book. During that time I had a bunch of human guinea pigs testing it out and giving me feedback to help me make it the best book like it.
Summit Success -a stack of books shipping out to eager customers
Summit Success-a stack of books shipping out to eager customers
So go get one, now, and start your training. If you do, you'll be in great shape for an April 2015 climb. Send me pics of your training and share your stories. We'd love to hear from you. Note: remember that for the time being it's available FREE on Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime (remember to "Borrow For Free" from the Kindle in the Kindle Store, not from a PC or other device)

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